Why Government Paying for Public College is Bad for the Economy

LAST UPDATED @ 2:46PM (3.31.2016)

Conservative think tank Word Harder, America says the government paying for public college is bad for the economy.

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Today, Work Harder, America (WHA) President Jeremiah Slaver gave a presentation on the folly of government paying for the public college tuition of all qualified students. Mr. Slaver argued wage and debt slaves with less money were best for the economy, and introduced the single presentation slide below.

Summary of Sen. Sanders’ College for All Act

Mr. Slaver concluded there would be a devastating impact on the economy if the government started to pay for public college tuition for qualified students, especially if it was paid for by a *minuscule Robin Hood tax on Wall Street speculation - as proposed by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

TNA asked Slaver if he had brought the wrong presentation, but he repeatedly asserted he had not. Mr. Slaver said America needed hopeless wage and debt slaves. 

*0.5% on stock trades (50 cents for every $100 worth of stock), a 0.1% fee on bonds, and a 0.005% fee on derivatives


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