The 5 Largest Lies Hillary Clinton Told during Last Night's Debate

LAST UPDATED @ 6:29PM (3.10.2016)

TNA presents a countdown of the five largest lies told by Hillary Clinton during last night's Democratic presidential debate.

Hillary Clinton testifying before House Select Committee on Benghazi. (Above)
(Public Domain Image)

The Nil Admirari exposes the five largest lies former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton advanced during the Washington Post/Univison Democratic presidential debate held last night:

5. PlatinumSachs, a Wall Street financial institution Hillary Clinton claimed she personally shut down through force of will to save millions of Americans from having their homes foreclosed on, has never existed.

4. Likewise, PlatinumSachs CEO Maximilian "Moneybags" Goldsucker, whom Clinton claimed she wrestled to the ground only seconds after the American economic crisis in 2008, does not exist.

3. Every American Will Get a Job, a free trade agreement Clinton claimed she secretly signed this year promising to make sure every American had a job and a livable wage only if she was elected president, does not exist.

2. Bernie Sanders is not the son of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, or a sleeper agent on a mission to seize control of the United States in one of the longest intelligence operations in clandestine forces history, as Clinton claimed.

1. Finally, no evidence could be found for Hillary Clinton's claim she was trustworthy and not a typical politician. In fact, ample evidence has be found of Clinton slandering her opponents, as well as saying and doing anything to reach her political ends at the expense of the vast majority of Americans.


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