Man Happy to Be Poor if Black and Brown People are More Poor

LAST UPDATED @ 11:36AM (3.21.2016)

Thomas Basil, a right-wing politics man, says he is okay with being poor and working himself to death, as long as Black and Brown people are more poor than him.

American Infrastructure Report Card
Thomas Basil is a right-wing politics man who believes things like
Republicans will fix America's infrastructure by cutting his taxes.

BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, a Massachusetts man with a record of following right-wing media declared he was happy to be poor as long as Black and Brown people were more poor than him. Thomas Basil - a Republican, construction worker, and married father of two - asserted being poor and working himself to death were acceptable, as long as there were people worse off than him to look down on.

"I don't know much about the economy, but I do know who I hate and routinely blame for all of my problems. So, as long as I have a little more scraps than Black and Brown people, especially illegal immigrants, I am happy to be poor and die early due to working myself to death," confessed Basil.

Mr. Basil continued, "Basically, I'm happy to live in a shed without a roof eating a rat on a wire hanger, as long as Black and Brown people don't have a shed or a wire hanger to stick a rat on. Ideally, they wouldn't have rats around."

"That will allow me to look down on others. You know, even though my living circumstances are barely better than theirs, and my warped sense of pride will probably kill me early," explained Basil.

TNA asked Mr. Basil how he would explain his values to his children when they were older and were about to enter the workforce.

"My kids already know who they are barely better than. I don't really keep it a secret during my daily tantrums," replied Basil.


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