Bernie Sanders Receives $225,000 Debate Invoice from Hillary Clinton

LAST UPDATED @ 9:37AM  (3.28.2016)

Bernie Sanders receives an invoice for $225,000 from Hillary Clinton, who demands the money for her participation in a New York Democratic presidential debate proposed by Sanders.

Bernie Sanders speaking at an event in Phoenix, Arizona. 
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont received a response to his Sunday proposition there should be a Democratic presidential debate in New York prior to the primary election there. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent Senator Sanders a $225,000 invoice for her participation in a New York debate.

"I was very concerned Hillary Clinton was afraid to debate me, but I did not see this reply coming. I received an invoice from Secretary Clinton today showing I was being charged $225,000 for her debate participation," announced Senator Sanders.

Senator Sanders continued, "The invoice from Secretary Clinton says the fee stems from New York being 'her turf,' and that I was given a senior citizen discount on her regular speaking fee."

"I called Hillary, and asked her how much it would cost me to get the transcript of her speech to Goldman Sachs. She hung up on me," explained Sanders.

TNA reached out to Secretary Clinton, who refused to confirm anything Senator Sanders claimed prior to her campaign releasing a statement.

"President Hillary Clinton is not afraid of debating Senator Bernie Sanders, but she is a pay-to-play kind of woman," read the statement.


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