George W. Bush Recalls Scalia as "That Guy Who Gave Me the Presidency"

LAST UPDATED @ 8:22AM (2.18.2016)

George W. Bush eventually recalls Justice Antonin Scalia voting to make him president in 2000.

Bush v. Gore - Wikipedia
Bush recalls how many thousands of votes he lost the presidency by in 2000.
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CRAWFORD, TEXAS (The Nil Admirari) - Today, former President George W. Bush declared he did not remember Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia being in Washington when he was there. Bush eventually recalled Scalia as the guy who gave him the presidency in 2000, which was a clear reference to Scalia's participation in the majority's 5-4 partisan decision in Bush v. Gore that stopped the Florida recount and awarded the White House to George W. Bush.

"Antonin Scalia? Did he work in the White House kitchen?" asked George W. Bush, who shrugged.

Bush continued, "Pretty sure that's the guy I had fired from the kitchen. No buena comida."

Various members of the press tried to describe Justice Antonin Scalia to Bush.

"Oh, you mean that guy who gave me the presidency in 2000," replied Bush.

"Can you imagine America if I had not been president?" asked Bush.

No one commented on the reference to the Bush v. Gore case.

"Fortunately, Scalia helped America with that," said Bush.

Gore remained in awe of Scalia's "strict constructionism."


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