Sarah Palin Interviews Walrus About Climate Change

LAST UPDATED @ 12:09PM (2.3.2016)

Sarah Palin interviews male walrus about climate change, and concludes he is happy to be rid of "all that pesky snow and ice from the Kingdom of Russia" so he can enjoy sandy beaches all year round.

Walrus - Wikipedia
Sarah Palin (left), and Buttercup  the walrus (right).

BEACH YOU CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM, ALASKA (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, former Governor of Alaska and Republican quitter Sarah Palin interviewed a male walrus on climate change.  The interview took place on an Alaskan beach conspicuously absent of snow and ice, and Palin concluded the walrus was very happy to have sandy beaches to enjoy all year round.

"Just look at how much fun this walrus is having," stated Palin, who sat in a golf cart wrapped in what appeared to be chicken wire while the flippered marine mammal she named Buttercup growled, grunted, and whistled.

Governor Palin continued, "This walrus looks so happy that all that pesky, liberally-biased snow and ice from the Kingdom of Russia isn't invading liberty-loving Alaska like it did when we actually had winters here."

"This freedom-championing walrus just killed that polar bear over there. These guys are not being bothered by the myth of climate change," explained a bloodstained Palin.

"They want the sandy beaches so much they are willing to kill for them. So this climatey-global-changey-warmy stuff is a bunch of lefty propaganda," said Palin.

The interview ended abruptly when walruses on the opposite end of the beach started to stampede in Palin's direction.


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