Sanders Vows to Fight On with Only 46 Primary States Remaining

LAST UPDATED @ 9:07PM  (2.28.2016)

Bernie Sanders shocks political experts by continuing his presidential campaign after a crushing South Carolina loss, despite there only being 46 primary states remaining.

Bernie Sanders speaking at an event in Phoenix, Arizona. 
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - In a shocking move today, Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont doubled down on his decision to continue his campaign for the presidency after a crushing loss in South Carolina to his rival - former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Sanders baffled political experts by remaining in the Democratic presidential race even though there were only 46 primary states remaining.

"I am in this race for the long haul. We're moving on to the next states in the process after a decisive loss in South Carolina this weekend," declared Sanders, who reminded everyone he decisively won New Hampshire and basically tied Clinton in Iowa.

Sanders continued, "And yes. I am aware there are 46 primary states where Americans are waiting to decide whether they want me or Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic presidential nominee."

Secretary Clinton's campaign was outraged by Sanders' refusal to suspend his campaign, and demanded Sanders listen to the will of the people in the four states that had already voted.

"It is absolutely shameless that Bernie Sanders is going to continue his campaign with only 46 states left in the Democratic primary process," protested Clinton.

The vast majority of corporate media outlets agreed with Secretary Clinton, and urged Sanders to yield to American democracy.


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