Wealthy Paying Less Taxes and Collapse of Middle Class a Coincidence

LAST UPDATED @ 3:12PM (12.2.2015)

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) -  Today, the conservative think tank Work Harder, America (WHA) released the results of a study on the collapse of the middle class in America. The study clearly showed the wealthy paying less in taxes had nothing to do with the disappearing middle class, which simply needed to work harder for the wealth to trickle down to it.

"The reality that the American economy grew far more from the end of World War II to about 1980 than it has since has nothing to do with the fact corporations and wealthy Americans were taxed at a far higher rate. That's just a coincidence," stated Work Harder America President Jeremiah Slaver.

Slaver added, "Likewise, on the wages of average Americans decreasing while corporate productivity and profits have increased. It's just another coincidence. So Americans need to stop complaining and work harder, especially since their wages are so very low for their labor."

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"Anyone blaming wealthy Americans for starving the government of money needed to sustain a middle class, and a modern infrastructure critical to the economy and used by the vast majority of Americans, has no idea what they are talking about," explained Slaver.

Mr. Slaver ignored a question from an unidentified member of the press regarding whether he knew a middle class was not a natural result of capitalist policies, but of socialist policies that tax the wealthy more to provide for all citizens.

"It is important for Americans to simply accept their lower wages and decreasing standard of living, and forget taxing the rich much more was how Americans could afford things like the interstate highway system," said Slaver.


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