Americans Excited for ISIS War at Expense of Own Standard of Living

LAST UPDATED @ 9:37PM (12.27.2015)

Americans enthusiastic about paying for perpetual war with cuts to programs designed to give them the high standard of living they should expect to have in the world's richest country.

Iran (in green above), the place many Republicans and war profiteers want to invade after beating ISIS.

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, the results of a TNA study were released and showed over 67% of Americans were eager for a new ground war in the Middle East, which will initially target the Islamic State (ISIS) before putting Iran in its sights. The hawkish Americans asserted there should always be money for war, and American citizens should have to pay the price of funding the overseas empire with cuts to social safety net programs, education, infrastructure, and healthcare, among many other things.

"Our study showed 67.8% of Americans surveyed supported a new ground war in the Middle East to fight ISIS, and most of them agreed once ground forces are in the region it may be a good idea to attack Iran and anyone else who gives us so much as a dirty look," reported Max Bigelow, who was covering for his boss Senior TNA Researcher Dick Schneider.

Bigelow added, "To these Americans there is always money for war, even while they are being told programs like Social Security are in trouble. They don't seem to care they would continue to pay for perpetual war with austerity in the form of cuts to programs meant to give them the high standard of living they should expect to have in the world's richest nation."

"When asked what they thought the military was defending, the hawkish Americans said 'freedom,'" explained Bigelow, who paused before stating, "Yeah. The freedom to a lower standard of living while the plutocrats and other actors in the military-industrial complex become richer with the blood of patriotic poor and middle class kids."

"Meanwhile, the vast majority of Americans suffer from low wages, the worst economy since the Great Depression, a crumbling infrastructure, extortion by entities like Wall Street and Big Pharma, a sabotaged education system, and a healthcare system based on profit," said Bigelow, who admitted the list was not complete.

An annoyed Bigelow shared his opinion and asserted, "Our military is protecting a society that is rotting from the inside out. A hollow shell. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans fail to see that or understand the lessons of the 2003 invasion of Iraq even as they watch its consequences continue to unfold."


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