Healthy, Informed Citizenry Dismisses Sandy Hook "Truthers"

LAST UPDATED @ 7:25PM (12.14.2015) 

Police arrive at Sandy Hook Elementary on 12.14.2012.

NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, an American society boasting informed, healthy citizens dismissed the rantings of Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists, who either denied the December 14th, 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School took place, or asserted it was a false flag operation perpetrated by the federal government as a pretext to seize guns. Americans united against such naked extremism, because their society was not rotting from the inside out due to racial and religious conflicts stoked by the rich and exacerbated by protracted catastrophic economic conditions for the poor and middle class.

"I don't know how anyone can believe those demented Sandy Hook truthers, and their denial about 20 school children and six staff members being shot to death right before Christmas in 2012," stated Margery Thatch, a Newton, Connecticut mother of three and survivor of cancer who did not lose her job or house five years ago due to family leave and healthcare provided by the government.

Thatch continued, "I don't know which breed of Sandy Hook truther is worse. The level of pessimism about American society and government is outrageous on either side, and both breeds make this nonsense up to defend their fabricated right to carry guns wherever they like."

"How sick would a society have to be to give people like the Sandy Hook truthers any serious consideration?" asked James Framinghorn, a college student from Hartford whose government recognized him as the future and die not allow loan sharks to make him a slave to debt.

"Seriously, that would be have to be a pretty sick society. It would have to be consumed by hate and paranoia, and most likely increasing income inequality used by the richest Americans to stoke prejudices while they rob poorer Americans in broad daylight, " said Framinghorn.

Every American TNA interviewed was extremely grateful not to live in such a sick society.


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