Teabaggers Ruin "Don't Tread On Me" Flag for Majority of Americans

LAST UPDATED @ 7:36PM (12.12.2015)

Gadsden Flag
The Gadsden flag, ruined by Teabaggers. (Above)

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Today, TNA released the results of a survey measuring how likely Americans were to buy and publicly display a Gadsden flag, which has had low favorability ratings among Americans since 2008. Over 71% of the Americans surveyed disclosed they would not purchase or fly a Gadsden flag so they could avoid being associated with American Teabaggers, who have made the Gadsden flag a symbol of their abundant ignorance regarding both American government and history.

"Nearly 72% of Americans taking part in the survey made it abundantly clear that Teabaggers were the primary reason the Gadsden flag had fallen out of favor with them. American Teabaggers have seriously damaged the flag's brand," explained Senior TNA Researcher Dick Schneider.

Schneider continued, "Most Americans simply do not want to be associated with the Teabaggers and their political movement, which adopted the Gadsden flag to celebrate being very angry, unnecessarily loud, and dangerously uniformed."

"Prior to the rise of the Teabaggers, over 80% of Americans said they would buy and fly the Gadsden flag. There is now no doubt the Teabaggers tainted the flag by making it a symbol of their 'ignorance is bliss' movement," stated Schneider.

On the question of whether the Gadsden flag could rebound from its association with the Teabaggers, Schneider answered, "Yes. It is possible, but everyone alive right now will never get to see it."


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