Tax Cuts for Wealthy, Gov't Services Cuts for Americans a Coincidence

LAST UPDATED @ 11:11PM (12.30.2015)

Conservative think tank declares study finds no link between tax cuts for the rich and government services cuts for a vast majority of Americans.

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The Republican Party is all about tax cuts for the rich and austerity for you.

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Today, the conservative think tank Work Harder, America (WHA) released the results of a study on tax cuts for the wealthy, and government services cuts for the vast majority of Americans. The study clearly showed the wealthy paying less in taxes had nothing to do with tax revenue shortfalls that gave conservatives a pretext to assert government budgets must be balanced by austerity measures targeting critical services like education, food assistance, healthcare, and infrastructure.

"As we predicted, there is absolutely no causal relationship between the wealthy paying less in taxes, and cuts to government services for the vast majority of Americans. Once again, we have concluded the only way to save government services from being cut is for Americans to work harder," stated WHA President Jeremiah Slaver.

Slaver continued, "It's just like our last study on the wealthy paying less taxes and the collapse of the American middle class. This is just another coincidence, and the solution is the same - work harder and stop complaining."

An unidentified member of the press asked Slaver if the study identified the actual cause of budget shortfalls resulting in conservatives gutting government services like those that feed hungry children before school.

"That was beyond the scope of the study. We just wanted to see if large tax cuts for the wealthy were in any way responsible for punitive austerity measures. They aren't," replied Slaver.

The same reporter refused to relent, and asked if Slaver would ever suggest raising taxes on the wealthy to see if tax revenue would increase and make austerity unnecessary.

"No. There is no causal relationship," snapped Slaver, as he collected his folders and left the room.


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