Man Calls Obama "Hitler," Supports Muslims Wearing I.D. Badges

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Thomas Basil is a right-wing politics man who believes things like
Republicans will fix America's infrastructure by cutting his taxes.

BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS (The Nil Admirari) - Today, a Massachusetts man who identified himself as "a hugely patriotic American" accused President Obama of acting like Hitler for forcing states to take Syrian refugees fleeing from the Islamic State. Thomas Basil, a construction worker and married father of two, subsequently told TNA he supported the idea of forcing Muslims in the United States to wear badges that identify them as Muslims - an idea endorsed by Republican presidential candidate and loose cannon billionaire Donald Trump.

"I don't know who President Obama thinks he is, but he cannot just do whatever he wants and force states to take Syrian refugees, who are mostly all terrorists. That's something Hitler would do," stated Basil, who grew angrier and increasingly louder as he talked.

Mr. Basil added, "This isn't Nazi Germany, this is America and it should be for Americans, not for Muslim terrorists. That's why we need to stop the commie-fascist Obama from letting terrorists into America. Why are we even discussing this?"

TNA asked Mr. Basil if he knew communism and fascism were two completely different political philosophies, but he either did not hear the question or chose to ignore it eight times.

"And no more Muslims in America, because we already have too many. And the Muslims already here need to wear ID badges so we know where the terrorists are,"explained Basil.

Although it was unnecessary, Basil told TNA he supported Donald Trump for president because "no one else wants to make America great again, or keep tabs on the Muslims."


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