Syrian Civilians Unsure of What Air Strikes "Friendly"

SYRIA (The Nil Admirari) - Today, Syrian civilians who have not fled their war-torn country declared they largely did not know what air strikes were "friendly" and what air strikes were "hostile." They also explained Russia's bombing of Syria had made identifying whether civilians were being killed by a "friendly air strike" or a "hostile air strike" even more difficult.

"Things were very confusing when the United States started launching air strikes in Syria, because President Assad was also bombing targets with no regard for collateral damage. So Syrians already had trouble determining if they were being killed by a friendly air strike or hostile air strike," explained Aleppo resident Khaled Ahmed.

Syria, in green. (Above) (PHOTO SOURCE)

Ahmed continued, "Now the Russians are launching air strikes and we have next to no idea what country is responsible for murdering us from above. It is becoming more complicated in the air than it is on the ground. At least the Islamic State takes responsibility for its actions."

Over 90% of Syrians who remained in Syria echoed Ahmed's concerns and declared, "It is now nearly impossible to know whether a friend or an enemy is killing us with little to no warning from the sky."

The United States, Russia, and Syria all denied their airstrikes had killed Syrian civilians, and most of the European Union's member countries told Syrian refugees it was safe to go back to Syria.


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