Bigoted Kentucky Woman Awarded Bigot Plaque, Displays Award at Work

MOREHEAD, KENTUCKY (The Nil Admirari) - Last week, a bigoted Kentucky woman who has been breaking federal law and disrespecting the supreme authority of the Constitution since late June - all because she hates "the gays" - was awarded a plaque by a well-known national bigoted organization for being a prominent bigot in 2015. Today, the notable bigot displayed her bigot plaque in the office where she continued to not do her job, and returned to making a mockery of the rule of law while she hid behind her religion to continue being bigoted.

"I think people should be able to walk into my place of employment and be able to quickly determine what kind of person I am. Hanging my bigot plaque shows people how petty and dangerous I am to a society genuinely interested in fairness and equality under the law," stated the Kentucky bigot, who refused to be kept out of even a single 24-hour news cycle.

Picture of the Kentucky bigot. (Above)

The bigoted Kentucky woman added, "I won't be doing my job or following the law today, either. Why? Go on and take a gander at my shiny new plaque on the wall over there. It will tell you all you need to know about why I expect to be paid by taxpayers for sitting on my very special rear end."

Other bigots from organizations like the one that fancies burning crosses and wearing silly hats criticized the Kentucky woman selected for the bigot award, and protested, "we have done way worse things in 2015, and there are still more than three months left for us to be notably bigoted."

The bigoted Kentucky woman also switched political parties last week, and is now a member of the most bigoted of the two major political parties in the United States.


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