Uneasy Non-Aggression Pact Signed Between Fox News & Trump, Poland to Be Divided

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK (The Nil Admirari) - Fox News President Roger Ailes called billionaire and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump earlier today after experiencing the wrath of unhinged Fox News viewers, other conservative media outlets, and Trump's weekend anti-Fox News media blitz. Tensions continued to grow quickly over the thinly veiled hit job Ailes ordered on Trump during Thursday night's debate, which Megyn Kelly largely carried out. Although no one knows everything the conversation between Trump and Ailes was about it did result in Trump agreeing to go on Fox & Friends and Hannity tomorrow, as well as an agreement on how to divide Poland.

"We definitely cleared the air and we both had a good laugh about how I tried to ruin him politically in front of the entire country during the Fox News debate. Trump knows it was just a little joke between two great friends," stated Ailes, who had a Cheshire Cat grin that appeared to be slowly eating his face.

Donald Trump and Roger Ailes during an earlier conference regarding Poland. (Above)

Ailes added, "I stood by Megyn Kelly and her conduct during the debate, as she was only doing what I told her to do. Anyway, me and Trump have come to a gentleman's agreement to be respectful, and we have finally come to an agreement on how to divide the country of Poland in a fair way."

"Ailes and I talked it out, but I still think that bimbo Megyn Kelly should apologize for what she did to me during Thursday's debate by bringing up my sexism. The best thing about this agreement is I got most of what I wanted regarding Poland, which Ailes and I have been talking about for months, " stated Trump.

Fox News and Trump both announced they trusted each other and were "very happy" with how Poland was divided between them.

TNA has learned Megyn Kelly may discuss the details of the non-aggression agreement on her show The Kelly File, which airs at 9:00 tonight on Fox News.


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