Texas AG Paxton Blames Texans for Electing Criminal Texas AG, Refuses to Resign

AUSTIN, TEXAS (The Nil Admirari) - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) refused to heed calls for his resignation today, and blamed Texas voters for electing "a criminal, a hypocrite, and a man of such low moral character" to be their state's chief enforcer of the law. On Monday, Paxton was indicted on three felony counts related to securities law violations that allegedly took place when he was a lawyer and state legislator, and he failed to disclose to investors in a tech company he was profiting from their investments.

"Texas voters should be ashamed of themselves for the mess they find themselves in. They elected a man who has such little respect for the law he violated state security laws, has ignored the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage and encouraged others to break federal law, and now refuses to step down. And this man is their chief law enforcement official," stated Paxton, who has held the post for about seven months thanks largely to the tea party.

The mug shot of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R), which was taken after he surrendered himself 
to authorities once his security detail escorted him to Collin County Jail (PHOTO: Collin County).

Paxton added, "There is no way I am stepping down as Texas Attorney General. I demand a jury trial, and will drag all of you through the mud with me. And even though a very Republican county indicted me, I will continue to call this a political witch hunt, despite documented violations of securities law in my past."

The tea party favorite faces life in prison if convicted of a first-degree felony, and today a federal judge in San Antonio ordered Paxton to report next week to face contempt of court charges for his continued violation of the Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling.

An unidentified member of the press asked Attorney General Paxton if there were any circumstances that could convince him to resign, and he replied, "Nope. You'll have to throw me in prison."


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