Republican Primary Voters Continue to Confuse Arrogance with Competence

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Billionaire Donald Trump has become even more popular with Republicans in the wake of the Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News on Thursday, as the Republican base continued its proud tradition of confusing a candidate's arrogance with a candidate's competence. National polls conducted after the debate showed Trump was favored by an average of twenty-five percent of Republican primary voters, which was about double the support of the second most popular candidate.

"Once again, the hardcore base of the Republican Party is confusing a loud, offensive, and unfiltered egomaniac with a candidate who is actually competent enough to be President of the United States," explained TNA Senior Researcher Dick Schneider, who watched the debate on Thursday after drawing the smallest straw at TNA.

Donald Trump wants to make America great again,
but he won't us how unless he is elected president.

Schneider added, "Jeb Bush is averaging out at just under thirteen percent, and he is in second place. His inability to be just as much of a jackass as Trump is hurting him almost as much as the stupid things he keeps saying about cutting government social safety net programs, and Americans needing to work more hours."

"Everyone knows my 'telling it how it is,' and vision for America is the reason why I am ahead in the polls. No follow-up questions about what that vision is," stated Trump.

According to Schneider, there was one positive following the debate, namely professional jackass Chris Christie being just as unpopular after Thursday's debate.


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