Fox News: Iran Attacks Islamic State Moon Base Believing Afterlife Virgins Held Hostage

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, Fox News announced Iran had launched an attack on the Islamic State's "Muhammad Moon Base 1" believing the base was holding afterlife virgins hostage. Fox News alerted its viewers to the existence of the Islamic State's moon base on July 18th  - when it warned of an imminent attack on the United States - and today criticized the Obama Administration's failure to do anything about it.

"So Iran sends special space troops of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard to the moon, and Obama does nothing. He doesn't attack the Islamic State on the moon, which America owns, and he doesn't stop Iran from going into space, which America also owns," stated "good journalism" host Megyn Kelly on her show "The Kelly Factor."

The alleged location of "Muhammad Moon Base 1" run by the Islamic State,
and recently attacked by Iran to liberate afterlife virgins.

Kelly added, "Iran's initial assault on the ISIS moon base was thrown back, but that isn't the point. The larger point, I think, is this is just another example of Obama's failed leadership when it comes to both the Islamic State and Iran. What do you think?

"Of course it is," replied "good journalism" journalist Geraldo Rivera. "And I would like to add that I believe America also owns the afterlife virgins on the moon."

"I bet you do," said a smiling Kelly. "Well viewers, you can bet yours truly and Fox News will keep you updated on the Iran and ISIS moon base thing."


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