TNA to Host GOP Debate, All Candidates to Yell at Each Other

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - The Nil Admirari finished negotiations with the Republican National Committee (RNC) today and will host a Republican presidential debate on September 28th, 2015 at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) in Providence, Rhode Island. Unlike the Republican debates sponsored by the Mickey Mouse news outlets, the Nil Admirari debate will include every person who has registered to run for president as a Republican.

"The Nil Admirari presidential debate will allow all of the Republican candidates in the country to see who can scream their positions the loudest," stated Senior TNA Editor Dick Schneider, who will referee the debate with Nancy Grace, Bill O'Reilly, Chris Mathews, and Michael Moore.

Inside the Providence Performing Arts Center. (Above)
(Photo: Mark Baratelli)

Schneider added, "This is really less a debate than an exchanging of ideas in a melee format. It will last for three hours, all the exits will be locked, and every candidate will have free range to move wherever they like in the 3,100-seat PPAC as they accost each other - verbally..."

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was very excited about the debate and stated, "There will be up to 3,100 Republican candidates mic'd up and their audio will feed into whatever camera they are closest too. Oh, and Americans can select up to ten feeds to watch at the same time."

Most Republican presidential candidates were optimistic about the TNA debate with Donald Trump stating "I have already won it," but many others - including Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee - were confused and did not know what "Rhode Island" was.

PPAC has confirmed receipt of the damage deposit put down by both the RNC and TNA.

Live feeds of the debate will be available HERE starting at 8pm EST on September 28th.


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