Over 81% of Americans Self-Identified as "Small-Government Republican" Don't Actually Know What that Means

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Today, the results of a TNA survey of Americans who self-identified as a "small-government Republican" was released, and found 81.4%  of participants did not know what being a "small-government Republican" actually meant. They ignored the real-world consequences to infrastructure, food and drug safety standards, regulations for clean air and water, education, healthcare, and many other government roles they simply took for granted.

"The vast majority of Americans self-identifying themselves as a 'small-government Republican' exhibited thinking completely divorced from the logical consequences of supporting a limited government. They expected things like good roads, high-quality public education, and safe water, food, air, and drugs, but adamantly refused to pay for any of it through taxes," stated Senior TNA Researcher Dick Schneider, who was at a loss to explain opposition to taxing the rich more.

The condition of America's infrastructure only a few years ago. "Small government" hasn't fixed it.

Schneider added, "So they overlooked the government's role to keep its citizens safe while demanding it continued to do so for free. Their way of thinking was very much like a child's, in that they want everything their way without giving anything in return. I call it the 'take-and-take mindset.' Adults compromise and work together. These people don't."

"You can't expect the government to provide a first-world infrastructure, education system, and strong regulations to keep its citizens safe, and also be for 'small' or 'limited' government. Libertarianism and being the most advanced country in the world are mutually exclusive," explained Schneider.

When asked for his final conclusion on the data in the study Schneider replied, "The generation currently wielding political power is probably the most selfish generation in American history."


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