Nearly 80% of Americans Unable to Name Country They Celebrate Independence From

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - A study released today showed Americans have a distressing ignorance about the history of the United States, including its founding. Approximately 78% of surveyed Americans either incorrectly identified the country they celebrate independence from or refused to identify the country while claiming they wanted to see if the researcher knew it first.

"Nearly 55% of surveyed Americans identified either Mexico or Canada as the country Americans celebrate independence from on the Fourth of July. And most of them were unaware of the existence of any other countries," stated Dick Schneider, senior TNA researcher.

Add Nearly 35% of Americans identified the figures above as "Spanish soldiers."
(Photo: Ser Amantio di Nicolao)

Schneider added, "Other incorrectly identified 'countries' were Texas, 'The South,' Spain, New England, and the Isle of Man."

"Most Americans also could not name the year the United States was founded, and were off by an average of 200 years with 59% claiming the country they are so proud of was formed in the 20th century," explained Schneider, who just shook his head.

A reckless Schneider pushed his luck further by showing Americans a map of the United States with clearly labelled states, and only 7% could find the one they lived in.


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