Fox News Claims Islamic State Has Moon Base, Attack Imminent

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, Fox News claimed it had obtained semi-credible evidence the Islamic State completed a base on the moon, and would attack America "imminently, and at any moment." Right-wing blogger and renowned pot stirrer Pamela Geller claimed she received a Facebook friend request from "Muhammad Moon Base 1" this morning, which she claimed contained the threat to America.

"There I was double-checking my sources for a story on how President Obama was the antichrist and secret leader of the Islamic State when I heard something on Facebook. It was a friend request from the Islamic State moon base," stated Pamela Geller, who accepted the friend request.

The alleged location of "Muhammad Moon Base 1" run by the Islamic State.

Geller added, "'Muhammad Moon Base 1' told me it was fully operational, and deploying jihadist satellites into orbit around Earth equipped with anti-Christian lasers and missiles. It also warned me not to say anything or I would be one of its first targets."

"Well, thanks for your bravery, Pamela. Fox News will eventually see if any of it is true. We just want to let our viewers know the Islamic State could have a moon base," replied Neil Cavuto, host of the Fox News program "The Cost of Freedom."

Fox News went to a commercial break after the interview with Geller, and the first commercial was selling "Freedom Tarps," which claimed the tarps were an effective deterrent against jihadist lasers and missiles.


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