South Carolina to Donate Confederate Flag to Somber Black Church

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA (The Nil Admirari) - South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) announced this morning her state was donating a Confederate flag "just like the one outside our state house" to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Haley also said she would never stop searching for the sources of hate that resulted in nine worshipers being shot and killed on Wednesday night at the church.

"I am shocked and grieved that in South Carolina an allegedly white male would enter a black church during a Bible study to murder people. This is clearly an attack on America's Christians," stated Haley in front of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Haley added, "So I gift this Confederate flag and a flagpole to put it on as a reminder that all of South Carolina is behind the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and its congregation."

A rectangular variant battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia battle flag. 
It is often referred to as the Confederate flag, as in this case. (Above)

No member of the church appeared with Haley as a state crew started digging a hole for the flagpole.

Governor Haley refused to comment on suspected shooter Dylann Storm Roof - a 21-year-old white male reportedly from the Columbia area who allegedly said he went to the historically black church "to shoot black people" - except to say "he must have been an atheist or a Muslim."


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