Right Wing Says It Will Respect Gay Marriage Ruling, Move On

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, the American right wing made a surprise announcement saying it will respect whatever ruling the Supreme Court reaches on gay marriage and then move on. The right wing also said it will continue its tradition of being respectful and gracious to its political opponents when they win.

"The right wing will accept whatever decision the Supreme Court makes on gay marriage. If the liberals win we will congratulate them before we move on. We respect the system handed down to us by the Founders even when we don't win," stated right-wing radio host Glenn Beck.

The elephant is a proud symbol of the American right wing. (Photo: James Lloyd)

"I think it is abundantly clear the right wing in America has a long and proud history of accepting defeats and not bitching about them for decades or even centuries," said right-wing expert Ann Coulter.

Coulter added, "Just look at the South and its acceptance of the outcome of the Civil War, and the right-wing response to Roe v. Wade."

Fox News, WorldNetDaily, and Rush Limbaugh all agreed respect for political opponents has always been paramount to them.


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