Kansas Republicans Cut More Taxes Prior to Selling State to Kochs

TOPEKA, KANSAS (The Nil Admirari) - Kansas Republicans announced today they will keep and even expand tax cuts for businesses and the rich despite having an approximately $400 million deficit due to years of such policies. Republican Governor Sam Brownback defended the tax cuts and promised Kansans more spending cuts to things like education and infrastructure before being forced to sell Kansas to the billionaire Koch brothers.

"Kansas is a great example of the effectiveness of trickle-down economics. The rich just need a little more time with their tax cuts before all Kansans can enjoy the golden shower Republicans and the Koch brothers are responsible for," said Brownback.

Brownback warned Kansans the price for such economic prosperity was more cuts in spending.

"So while Kansans wait they must make sacrifices, and that means Republicans will be cutting spending on unimportant things to the Koch brothers like education, infrastructure, and welfare programs," explained Brownback.

Kansas. (Above in red.)

Speaker of the Kansas House of Representatives Ray Merrick wanted to make it clear Kansas Republicans had a plan and knew what they were doing.

"I can understand how it may look like Republicans have no idea what the hell we're doing since tax cuts keep leading to budget shortfalls and we just keep cutting more taxes," stated Merrick.

A call to Wichita-based Koch Industries - a major donor to Brownback and many Republican legislators - was returned and a spokesperson stated Charles and David Koch disagreed about whether to rename the state Kochitraz or Kochsuckersland.


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