Sarah Palin Unable to Identify Russia, U.S., Alaska on Map

WASILLA, ALASKA (The Nil Admirari) - Potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin was unable to locate Russia, the United States, and her home state of Alaska on a map today. The tough inquiries for the former 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate came during a visit to Mrs. Rogan's fifth grade classroom at Cottonhill Creek Elementary School.

"Well, I hope all your quizzes and tests aren't so darn hard," stated Palin, who smiled and blushed.

"They're not," replied a young boy at the front of the classroom.

Mrs. Rogan tried her best to change the subject, but many of the students in the classroom expressed serious concerns about their former governor's geographical knowledge.

Sarah Palin speaking at the 2014 CPAC in Maryland. (Above) 
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

"Well, aren't you a buncha smarties... And I just wantcha all to know how I am fighting for America and against Washington by telling Congress to prevent that socialist Obama from making peace with Iran," said Palin.

"Do you know where Iran is on that map behind you?" inquired a female student worried about Palin's foreign policy credentials.

"That's a gotcha question," replied Palin.

The visit to Cottonhill Creek Elementary was cut short and Palin was made unavailable for comment.


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