Most Americans Support Sending Troops to Iraq, Wherever that Is

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - A TNA survey today found most Americans support sending ground troops back to Iraq despite not knowing where Iraq is. Sixty-two percent of surveyed Americans want ground troops redeployed to Iraq to fight the Islamic State (ISIS) compared to 33 percent who oppose sending troops.

Only two out of every ten Americans who support sending ground troops back to Iraq were able to locate Iraq on a map. Egypt, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Rhode Island, Canada, and Antarctica were all erroneously identified as Iraq the most often.

Lincoln Zanger, the director of the survey, stated, "It seems to be too much to ask a large majority of Americans to actually know where the place they support sending American troops into harm's way is. They might as well say they support sending troops to Shangri-La."

A country most Americans are unable to find on a map. (Above)

"Additionally, it is clear most Americans have learned nothing from failed American interventions in places like Vietnam and, more recently, the same damn country they want to send troops back to," stated Zanger.

About 40% of all Americans surveyed were unaware there were already approximately 3,000 American military forces on the ground in Iraq classified as "advisers."

American military personnel did not reply to our request for comment.


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