Majority of Iraqis Miss Saddam Hussein, Blame America

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (The Nil Admirari) - In the midst of a war with the Islamic State (ISIS) a large percentage of Iraqis said they missed their deposed and executed dictator Saddam Hussein, according to poll results released today. Over 80% of Iraq's population pined for the years of internal stability Saddam Hussein maintained by ruthlessly cracking down on political dissenters and sectarian religious conflicts.

"You know, Saddam Hussein wasn't so bad in hindsight," said Ahmad Massar. He held up a portrait of Saddam Hussein before adding, "The Americans really fucked us over."

Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi dictator. (Above)

Most Iraqis were "extremely displeased" by the effectiveness of American propaganda leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

"Saddam Hussein was a dictator who checked Iran's influence in the region and made sure extremist groups like al-Qaed could not set up shop in Iraq. So American propaganda that painted Saddam as a religious zealot patiently sitting on nukes was pretty stupid," stated Hashim Boutros.

Interviews with Iraqis had to be called off as Baghdad came under siege by Islamic State forces.


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