Michael Flynn Wins Russian Atomic Medal of Honor

LAST UPDATED @ 2:03PM (3.31.2016)

Putin insists former National Security Advisor Michael Fynn travel to Russia to claim the newly-created Atomic Medal of Honor prior to talking to Congress and the FBI.

 Michael Flynn | Wikipedia
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was briefly Trump's National Security Advisor.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, the Kremlin announced it had invited Ex National Security Advisor Michael Flynn to Moscow in order to award him the Atomic Medal of Honor.

The Kremlin explained the newly-created award was designed specifically "for high-profile individuals who had earned the attention and admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin."

Upon hearing the news, Flynn commented, "I am both honored and surprised. I had never heard of the Atomic Medal of Honor before today, and was unaware I was being considered for it." 

Flynn added, "This is some great news considering all the bad luck I have been having. I just asked for immunity in exchange for my testimony on Trump's ties to Russia." 

President Putin insisted Flynn fly to Moscow "definitely before" he testified to Congress or spoke to the FBI regarding Russian interference in American politics.

The Atomic Medal of Honor can glow in the dark, according to a confidential Kremlin source.


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