Trump Sitting on "Burn America to Ground" Non-Concession Speech

 LAST UPDATED @ 3:54AM (10.29.2016)

"A lot of people are saying maybe their should be violence, and entire cities should be burned to the ground if I lose," asserted Trump.

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 A losing Trump will demand the country burn for not recognizing his greatness.

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Today, Donald Trump's presidential campaign confirmed the Republican presidential nominee had drafted a non-concession speech. TNA obtained a draft of the speech, which encourages Trump supporters to use physical violence and arson in the event he loses the election.

"At no point does the speech say I want people to use violence and burn American cities to the ground if I lose to Hillary Clinton. I am just telling Americans that 'a lot of people' are saying things like that," said Trump, in defense of his speech.

Trump continued, "I wish I could disagree with all the people saying there should be violence and burning America to the ground if I lose, but I can't disagree. This election is totally rigged against me, and in favor of Crooked Hillary." 

"In the choice between American representative democracy and Trump, Americans will suffer bigly if they don't elect me and recognize my greatness," explained Trump.

TNA asked Trump what kind of tone a victory speech of his might take.

"There would still be a lot of people encouraging physical violence and arson to punish the losers who did not vote for me, and really bad stuff for the corrupt media that lied about me for years," replied Trump.


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