George W. Bush Worried Trump Will Unseat Him as Worst President

LAST UPDATED @ 12:29PM (8.11.2016)

George W. Bush says it is unfair Donald Trump is challenging him for 'Worst President Ever.'

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Trump at campaign rally in Arizona in June 2016. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

CRAWFORD, TEXAS (The Nil Admirari) -  Earlier today, George W. Bush confirmed he was "super worried" Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton in November. The 43rd President of the United States identified his main worry as being Trump unseating him as the worst president in American history, and called such a challenge "unfair."

"I hope Donald Trump isn't elected president, because I think he'll be way worse than me. I know it didn't look like it, but I worked really hard to earn my title as the worst president the United States has ever had," said Bush at a hastily convened press conference at his Crawford, Texas ranch.

Bush continued, "I am responsible for America's endless war on terrorism after failing to prevent the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, which killed more Americans than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor."

"I am responsible for lying to the American people in order to push for the disastrous 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the subsequent bloody occupation of that sovereign country," explained Bush.

"I allowed Dick Cheney to be the most powerful vice president in American history, and presided over the largest expansion of government since Franklin D. Roosevelt by helping to form the invasive surveillance state Americans live in today."

Bush paused before asking, "Who can doubt I was the worst president in American history? Do I have to explain any further how bad I was? Why are Americans flirting with electing a man who will be so much worse?"

An unidentified member of the press asked the 43rd President of the United States if he was endorsing Hillary Clinton.

"No. I just don't think it's very fair to have someone like Trump be elected and challenge my title of 'Worst President Ever' while I am still alive," protested Bush. "Let's also not forget the economic collapse during my last days in the White House.'"​


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