Rio to Offer Hazmat Suits to Olympians Competing on Guanabara Bay

LAST UPDATED @ 10:24AM (7.31.2016)

Olympic athletes will be offered hazmat suits to protect them from untreated sewage in Rio's Guanabara Bay.

What Happens When There’s Sewage in the Water? | The Atlantic
Olympic sailing and windsurfing athletes prepare to compete on Guanabara Bay.

RIO DE JANEIRO (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, Rio de Janeiro confirmed reports it will be offering hazmat suits to all Olympic athletes competing in sports on Guanabara Bay. The suits will protect some of the world's best athletes from the tons of untreated sewage and garbage in the water they will be surrounded by.

"Rio is absolutely ready to host the Olympics in less than a week, despite there being horrendous amounts of untreated human waste and garbage in Guanabara Bay," stated Rio 2016 CEO Sidney Levy, who also dismissed security concerns.

Levy added, "And to show how much we care and respect the caliber of athletes competing at the Rio 2016 Olympics, we are offering hazmat suits to those competing in sports like sailing and windsurfing."

"We firmly believe the literal tons of shit in Guanabara Bay won't be an issue, and that the hazmat suits won't significantly impact the performance of athletes competing on Guanabara Bay," explained Levy.

TNA confirmed reports multiple nation's were refusing to allow their athletes to compete on Guanabara Bay, and asked Levy for comment.

"I am confident those countries will come around. You can't even smell the raw sewage anymore once you get used to it," replied Levy.​


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