Trump Selects Hermann Goering as a GOP Delegate

LAST UPDATED @ 5:46PM (5.10.2016)

Trump says Hermann Goering will be one of his Republican Convention delegates from Germany.

Donald Trump | Wikipedia
Donald Trump speaking at 2015 CPAC; Luftwaffe Leader Hermann Goering.
(Photos: Gage Skidmore; Source)

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Today, presumptive Republican presidential nominee and fickle billionaire Donald Trump selected World War I fighter pilot ace Hermann Goering to be one of his GOP delegates from Germany. Trump brushed off critics that informed him Germany did not have Republican Convention delegates, and Hermann Goering was a Nazi who had been dead since 1946.

"I don't care what the politically-correct press says, or how much boring liberally-biased history they tell me. It's a done deal that Hermann Goering is going to be one of my delegates," said Trump.

Trump continued, "I won't have a war veteran and huge hero tarnished just because he wants to support me, or because he is dead, or because he was maybe - maybe - a Nazi."

"Like me, Hermann Goering never loses. No one even remembers that World War II thing," explained Trump, who confessed he was taking full advantage of that fact.

An unidentified member of the press asked Trump if he had spoken to Hermann Goering recently.

"I had a very nice and wonderful conversation with him this morning," replied Trump.


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