Worst Terrorists Ever Blow Plane Up, Fail to Take Credit

EgyptAir Flight 804 | Wikipedia
EgyptAir Flight 804 was downed on 5.19.2016. The world's worst terrorists have been blamed by the corporate media.
Mehmet Mustafa Celik

MEDITERRANEAN SEA (The Nil Admirari) - Despite there being no publicly-known evidence for such a claim, the corporate media in the United States and abroad continued to push the narrative that an EgyptAir passenger plane was brought down by an act of terrorism on Thursday. The corporate media asserted the terrorists responsible for bringing down the jet were very likely the worst terrorists in history, as they had still failed to take credit for the act two days later. "Terrorism is all about inciting fear and making political statements. So not taking any credit for this act of terrorism probably indicates we are dealing with a highly dangerous and diabolically lazy group of terrorists," explained Chuck Cross, a self-professed terrorism expert. Corporate media consumers were urged to continue watching the developing story so they could appreciate how afraid they needed to be, and how terrorism must be the automatic assumption when the cause of a tragedy was not immediately known.​

At press time, CNN was asserting the same group of incompetent terrorists was also probably responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on 3.8.2014.


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