A Dozen Freedoms Single-Payer Universal Healthcare Will Destroy

LAST UPDATED @ 8:00PM (4.2.2016)

Bernie Sanders ignores how his push for a single-payer universal healthcare system will destroy a dozen American liberties.

Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All Plan
Click Above to Read Bernie Sanders' Liberty-Destroying Medicare for All Healthcare Plan.

Progressives always fail to consider how their actions impact proud American liberties. Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont continues to promote his belief healthcare is a human right, and pushes for a single-payer universal healthcare system - officially known as his Medicare for All Plan.

Here are twelve American freedoms Bernie Sanders will destroy if his push for a single-payer universal healthcare system is successful:

1. Freedom to watch politicians pretend there are valid alternatives to a universal healthcare system, and callously ignore the suffering of hundreds of millions caused by their lies.

2. Freedom to witness health insurance companies financially profit from denying critical healthcare every financial quarter of every year.

3. Freedom to see family members or friends become seriously ill and/or die due to lack of healthcare or insufficient access to healthcare.

4. Freedom to be denied healthcare by literal death panels at health insurance companies, which routinely override the decisions of healthcare professionals.

5. Freedom to feel inferior - and as a lesser person and citizen - for not making enough money to afford healthcare.

6.  Freedom to be shamed by your fellow Americans for not playing capitalism well enough to gain access to healthcare.

7. Freedom to lose your job due to conditions related to lack of healthcare access.

8. Freedom to feel helpless and hopeless due to lack of access to critically needed healthcare.

9. Freedom to lose your home by foreclosure trying to pay for healthcare (often even when "insured").

10. Freedom to fall into abject poverty trying to pay for healthcare (often even when "insured").

11. Freedom to leave family members with crippling healthcare debt after death.

12. Freedom to die due to not being able to gain access to critically needed healthcare.


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