20 Questions Most Likely to be Asked during GOP Presidential Debate

LAST UPDATED @ 3:41PM (1.14.2016)

Fox Business Network - Wikipedia
Fox Business drew the short straw to host tonight's GOP presidential debate.

Tonight, the Fox Business Network will be hosting yet another debate involving the Republican presidential candidates. TNA has identified these 20 questions as the ones most likely to be asked:
  1. How weak and pathetic do you think President Barack Obama has been at everything he has done while in the White House? If possible, rank him on a scale of zero to zero. 

  2. How will you keep Americans ignorant of the fact that socialism is what makes sure they actually get their tax money back in the form of government services?

  3. If you become the Republican presidential nominee, what type of clearly sexist attacks will you deny are sexist attacks while you use them against Hillary Clinton, if she is the Democratic presidential nominee?

  4. Did anyone else get that weird drunk text from Lindsey Graham?

  5. How quickly will it take your White House to use the federal government to discriminate against the LGBT community again, and end marriage equality?

  6. Who is thinking about punching Ted Cruz in the face at this very minute? Please raise your hands.

  7. How will you explain to Americans that real patriots give up their civil liberties for the illusion of safety from both internal and external threats? 

  8. You really can't take a hint and just suspend your presidential campaign, huh Jeb?

  9. How will you justify continuing to give government welfare to massive corporations like Walmart while you cut funding to government social safety net programs for the poor, hungry, sick, military veterans, and children, among others?

  10.  What are your 2016 voter suppression plans to prevent the Democratic presidential nominee from winning the White House?

  11. How will you maintain the illusion that tax cuts for the wealthy "job creators" stimulate the economy and trickle-down to everyone else, despite over three decades of increased income inequality and massive wealth being redistributed to the richest Americans?

  12. What is the current location of Dick Cheney?

  13. How soon will your White House be able to fabricate and sell preetxts to send massive numbers of ground troops back to the Middle East to fight the Islamic State, Iran, and probably a few other places most Americans could not locate on a map?

  14. How big is your penis, and what specific acts of war will you commit to prove it to the world? Carly Fiorina may answer as if she has a penis.

  15. What do you think it will take for U.S. Senator Marco Rubio to actually go back to his job and vote on something? Senator Rubio can tell us who had the best answer.

  16. How quickly will your White House destroy Obamacare and provide no healthcare alternative for millions of Americans who will lose their access to healthcare?

  17. How many states have to be buried by the ocean or turned into scorched wastelands for you to be swayed on the topic of climate change?

  18. What the hell are you going to do about the Muslims already living in the United States while we "figure out what is going on?"

  19. Why can't anyone else on this stage just "say it how it is" like Donald Trump?

  20.  Are you smart enough to be as afraid of Bernie Sanders as Hillary Clinton is?


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