Study: U.S. Has Surplus of Second Amendment Experts

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Today, the results of a TNA study revealed the United States has a dangerous surplus of self-proclaimed Second Amendment experts that are virtually all pro-gun, and feel obligated to defend the right to bear arms no matter how many people are killed by firearms. A startling 63% of Americans claimed to be Second Amendment experts, and virtually everyone in that group lacked the proper education required to substantiate such a claim.

"A little over 50% of Americans who claimed to be a Second Amendment expert confessed they had never actually read the amendment, but were definitely aware it existed due to the National Rifle Association and conservative propaganda networks," explained TNA Senior Researcher Dick Schneider.

The plague of Second Amendment experts are impervious to Statistics like those above.

Schneider continued, "Additionally, over 80% of Americans who fancied themselves Second Amendment experts only had a high school diploma or less, and their lack of education was replaced by an overwhelming anger and pathological belief they were entitled to own guns under any circumstances."

"About 54% of these 'experts' think the Second Amendment gives them the right to overthrow the government. They also show clear psychological denial symptoms after any mass shooting in the United States by blaming anything but the firearms involved," stated Schneider.

The TNA study discovered approximately 29% of the self-proclaimed Second Amendment experts were unaware of much else in the Constitution, though they could make some vague statements reminiscent of language in the First Amendment.

Pro-gun groups led by the NRA condemned the TNA study, and accused it of "slandering patriotic Americans who outwardly appear to be completely ignorant of the Second Amendment's meaning, but absolutely are not."


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