Majority of Americans Favor Blunt Force Trauma Over Hillary

LAST UPDATED @ 6:04PM (11.11.2015)

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - This morning, TNA released the results of an in-house study measuring how favorably Americans viewed Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The results showed the longer Hillary Clinton was in the public eye the more Americans recalled why they disliked her, and projected that by November 2016 over 78% of Americans would rather be murdered by blunt force trauma than vote for her.

"Most Americans just don't like Hillary Clinton to begin with. So when she does stuff like take an innocuous exchange during the first debate to imply Bernie Sanders was a sexist, and then used her surrogates to push that narrative, she reminded a lot of people why they really cannot stand her," explained Senior TNA Researcher Dick Scheider, who also warned, "much more of that is to come."

Schneider continued, "And I am talking Democrats and Republicans, progressives and conservatives, big government and small government Americans. There is strong bipartisan opposition to Hillary Clinton, and it only grows the longer she remains on the American political stage."

Hillary Clinton testifying before House Select Committee on Benghazi. (Above)
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"By November 2016, the TNA study projects 78.7% of Americans would rather be bludgeoned to death than cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. Quite frankly, she is unelectable," stated Schneider, who added, "I have never seen anything quite like these results."

"So there is a great irony in Hillary's supporters declaring Bernie Sanders to be unelectable. It is comparable to the psychological projection we usually see from the Republican Party," said Schneider.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was found to be far more favorable to Americans (91%) than being bludgeoned to death (9%), and his appeal improved over time.

All of the GOP presidential candidates were about as favorable to a large majority of Americans (62.7%) as blunt force trauma, except for Ted Cruz (3.4%) who lost badly to being bludgeoned to death (96.6%).


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