Study: Most Americans Not Important Enough to Need Gun for Protection

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) -  Today, the results of a TNA study regarding guns being used for personal protection was released. The data concluded most Americans were not important enough to have to worry about ever using a gun for self-defense, and discovered most Americans who believed they needed a gun for self-defense had poor reasoning skills, overestimated their importance, and were suffering from narcissistic personality disorder.

"There are a lot of people out there who think they are so important or they have so many enemies, or both, they believe having a gun is necessary for protection. Some actually compare themselves to an important figure like President Obama, and assert if he does not think they should have guns for self-defense then he should not have armed bodyguards protecting him," explained TNA Senior Researcher Dick Schneider.

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Schneider continued, "Even if we could  ignore the fact President Obama does not carry a firearm on his person, we cannot ignore the false parallel. The hubris required to compare the importance of oneself to the President of the United States must absolutely be fed by a serious personality disorder. Likewise for those who think the government is also coming after them, which are basically the same people."

"Unfortunately, the same far right wing individuals who think they are so important and have so many enemies they need a gun for protection are only having their delusions being reinforced by conservative propaganda outlets. Fox News and others are telling these people their paranoia is well-founded and patriotic," stated Schneider.

The TNA study was quickly condemned by Americans who think they know stuff and think they need guns for self-protection, as well as the conservative propaganda outlets that manipulate their poor reasoning skills and feed them dangerous anti-government misinformation.


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