Benghazi Chair Gowdy Practicing Phrase "I Plead the Fifth"

LAST UPDATED @ 9:20AM (10.13.2015)

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC-04) - chairman of the eighth Select Committee on Benghazi -  announced his lawyers had instructed him to begin practicing the phrase "I plead the Fifth." The legal advice followed allegations Gowdy may have violated federal law when he fired Benghazi investigator Maj. Bradley Podliska - an active member of the Air Force Reserve who criticized Gowdy's investigation for focusing primarily on Hillary Clinton - and may have violated federal law again when he tried to discredit Podliska by releasing confidential information related to an active employment mediation.

"I allegedly broke some federal laws during and after the termination of Major Podliska. I guess there was a confidentiality agreement somewhere, and this thing called the Congressional Accountability Act... It's all here in this cease and desist letter from Podliska's lawyers," stated Gowdy prior to one of his lawyers pulling him off to the side.

Libya, in green. (Above) An area of no concern for the
eighth Benghazi investigation. 
(PHOTO SOURCE - Wikipedia)

Gowdy added, "On the advice of legal counsel, I plead the Fifth... Just joking. My lawyers just really want me to practice that phrase, since I may be the one answering uncomfortable questions soon. But really, I can't comment on Major Podliska's termination."

"I'll admit the optics are pretty terrible, though. Major Podliska is the second person in like a week with insider knowledge the Benghazi investigation to accuse my committee of ignoring the Benghazi attack and pursuing a political agenda to destroy Hillary Clinton," explained Gowdy.

"In hindsight, maybe Republicans should have stopped investigating Benghazi after the seventh investigation," said Gowdy.


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