Man in Major Medical Debt Criticizes Bernie's Gun Record, Supports Trump

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Thomas Basil is a right-wing politics man who believes things like
Republicans will fix America's infrastructure by cutting his taxes.

BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, a Massachusetts man with serious health problems and crippling medical debt announced Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont may have progressive policy solutions to help him avoid financial ruin, disability, and death, but he disliked Sanders' record on guns. Thomas Basil, a construction worker and married father of two, cited Sanders' NRA rating of "D-" as the reason why he openly supported Republican presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump, "who always says what is on his mind and tells it how it is."

"I know Bernie Sanders wants to expand Medicaid and provide healthcare to all American citizens, but his record on gun control disqualifies him in my book. It really doesn't matter that Sanders is definitely the candidate who cares the most about making healthcare affordable for people like me, and keeping my family from financial ruin," stated Basil, who confessed he owned at least one unregistered - and thus illegal - firearm.

Basil added, "Trump seems to be the only candidate who will protect my right to own guns, even though he has flip-flopped on the issue and was previously a Democrat. Anyway, I hope I am being clear about my belief that my right to own guns is more important than being healthy and avoiding bankruptcy due to wildly expensive medical bills."

"Trump is definitely the guy whose unfocused anger and vague, meaningless statements on how to fix America resonate with me. Bernie Sanders just seems to be a little too complicated and specific about what he would like to do as president. He clearly doesn't get how American voters think," explained Basil.

The Trump supporter also announced his wife's student loan debt from college was also a major reason the family could not pay most its bills, and stated, "the gun thing is still more important than whatever plan that socialist Bernie Sanders has to help people like us."

A short time after making his statements, Basil received a bill for approximately $34,000 from a hospital he was recently discharged from. He told TNA, "I really hope Trump can help me with this bullshit and make America great again."


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