Megyn Kelly Told "Take A Hike" By Ailes, Who Was Hit In Face By Vintage Stapler

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK (The Nil Admirari) - Fox News talking head Megyn Kelly announced two nights ago on her show The Kelly Factor she was going to take a ten day vacation. Kelly did not say why she was going on vacation on-air, but an anonymous source at Fox News informed TNA today Kelly was told by her boss Roger Ailes to "take some time off, forget about Donald Trump, and the death threats his supporters keep sending you."

"Megyn Kelly was screaming and throwing things at Mr. Ailes on the set of her show after he repeated that she needed to "take a hike for a while." Mr. Ailes tried to protect himself from what Mrs. Kelly was throwing, but she got him in the head with a huge metal stapler. I have no idea where that thing came from," said an anonymous source who worked directly with Kelly.

A leaked photo of Fox News President Roger Ailes sitting on a chair after being struck in the head
by what we now know was a vintage Bostitch metal industrial stapler thrown by Megyn Kelly.

The source added, "Security had to be called, and they escorted Mrs. Kelly off of her own stage while Mr. Ailes screamed about his head and 'all the blood.' Kelly did not go willingly, and had a lot more to say."

Ailes was allegedly given first aid by Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo Rivera, and Sean Hannity, who all thought the injury required CPR and had to be fought off by Mr. Ailes.

Both Megyn Kelly and Roger Ailes ignored TNA's requests for comment, but Trump eagerly replied and stated, "I still haven't received my apology from Megyn Kelly."


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