Barely Literate Religious Extremist Discusses Plans to Destroy America with Aspiring Dictator

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, a video was released to major media outlets in the United States by a Christian extremist named Sarah Palin, who has ties to an anti-American Alaskan separatist group and a church that speaks in tongues, practices faith healing, and performs exorcisms. In the video, Palin discussed plans to destroy America with Republican presidential candidate and wealthy aspiring dictator Donald Trump.

"I don't think I should have to pay taxes to a government I hate, or follow the rule of law when my religious beliefs contradict the law. Christians like me have the constitutional right to impose our beliefs on everyone else in America. This is a Christian nation," stated Palin, who proved her patriotism by sitting in front of a screen displaying an American flag.

Screen shot of the video containing threats to destroy America by religious
extremist Sarah Palin and aspiring dictator Donald Trump. (Above)

Trump nodded and stated, "Everyone knows that. And everyone knows I will be the best president ever. I will give Christianity and white people a more privileged status, start wars to take resources from other countries, keep lying to blame minorities for America's problems, and ignore the Constitution to deport millions of immigrants and anchor babies."

The Republican presidential candidate and narcissistic personality disorder sufferer assured Americans many things would be "taken care of" by him, and portions of the Constitution may have to be sacrificed to make "America be great again."

Portions of the video containing threats to America have been playing all day on major media outlets, which have been praising the video as a whole as an example of "good journalism."


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