Anti-Choice Americans Outraged at Planned Parenthood Claim It Prevents More Abortions

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari): Earlier today, the anti-choice movement in America was outraged when President Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood announced her organization was responsible for preventing more abortions than they were. Richards explained that because Planned Parenthood promoted contraception and education about having sex responsibly it was far more effective at stopping abortions than a bunch of hypocrites who ignore human sexuality and just tell people "sex bad, don't do it."

"This whole fake video scandal some anti-choice fanatics cooked-up to make Planned Parenthood look bad is the least of our problems. Our lawyers are going to crucify them, and we'll still be here. What we need to talk about is how Planned Parenthood prevents abortions better than these anti -choice zealots," stated Richards, who shook her head.

Richards added, " Planned Parenthood spends about 3% of its resources on abortion services. A whole 3%.  We use over 30% on contraception and education about safe sex, which dramatically lowers unwanted pregnancies unlike abstinence "education." So we have prevented far more abortions than they have, and that's our goal."

Planned Parenthood 2013-2014 Annual Report. (Above) Abortion services are negligible while
other services like cancer prevention and screening, and other women's health services are provided.

"About 40% of Planned Parenthood's resources goes to STD testing and treatment, most of which is caused by "sex bad, don't do it" policies supported by anti-choice Americans. Young uneducated people suffer because abstinence does not delay a vast majority of sexual activity. The numbers are on our side," explained Richards. 

President Jim Daly of Focus on the Family pushed back and stated, "A woman should be punished for the rest of her life for having sex before marriage and getting pregnant, or forced to raise her rapist's child as God wants, or forced to continue a life-threatening pregnancy as God wants. Otherwise she will never learn."

"God damn it. These people are so dangerous. Making abortion illegal won't stop it from happening. It will only drive abortions back into the shadows, and women will die unnecessarily as they try to do it on their own," replied Richards when TNA asked her for comment.


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