Trump Buys Gallery Selling Trump Piñatas, Will Sell Rapist Piñatas

REYNOSA, MEXICO (The Nil Admirari) - In the early hours of Friday morning, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump purchased the Mexican art gallery that produced Trump piñatas after Trump stated all illegal Hispanic immigrants were killers and rapists. Piñateria Ramirez was purchased by Trump for $30 million, and Trump says it will now be selling "Mexican Killer" and "Mexican Rapist" piñatas.

"Who's doing the killing? Who's doing the raping? The illegal immigrants coming over America's southern border," stated Trump during a press conference shortly after midnight.

A piñata of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Reynosa, Mexico on 6.23.2015. 
(Photo: Daniel Becerril for Reuters)

Trump added, "And my new piñata company will be selling 'Mexican Killer' and 'Mexican Rapist' piñatas starting today to reinforce that fact."

A crowd of paid actors cheered when Trump informed everyone his new piñata company had been renamed "Trump Piñatas."

Trump would not confirm reports Dalton Avalos Ramirez - the former owner of Piñateria Ramirez - was forced to sign a piñata non-compete contract as part of the sale.


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