Texas Textbook Analyzes Robert E. Lee's Presidency, South's Freeing of Slaves

AUSTIN, TEXAS (The Nil Admirari) - A new Texas school textbook titled "Remembering the Great Confederacy" analyzes Robert E. Lee's presidency and the South's freeing of the slaves following the Civil War. The Texas Board of Education has announced the book will be used in every district in the state beginning this coming school year.

"These wonderful textbooks discuss very important topics in our nation's history like the Confederacy winning the war and freeing the slaves, even though the slaves didn't want to be free," stated Donna Bahorich, chairman of the state board of education.

The flag of Texas. (Above)

Bahorich added,  "And its analysis of the execution of the traitor Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee's subsequent presidency are amazingly insightful and will challenge Texas students to think critically."

"Remembering the Great Confederacy" does not mention the African American struggle for civil rights after the end of slavery, but Bahorich defended the textbook by stating, "There's no reason to upset people."

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) praised the new textbook for being "a messenger of the true history of America."


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