Senator Lindsey Graham Releases Trump Cockfighting Videos

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier this evening, Republican presidential candidate Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)  released 394 cockfighting videos allegedly related to an illegal cockfighting and gambling ring run by Donald Trump - another Republican presidential candidate.  Trump quickly denied any role in illegal cockfighting or gambling, and said he "loves cocks" and would never put two roosters into a cockpit to brawl.

"My campaign came across these despicable videos showing the mistreatment of roosters. All the cockpits have "Trump" billboards everywhere, because he is shameless and plays dirty," said Graham.

One of the cockfights allegedly sponsored by Donald Trump. (Above)

The senator refused to answer questions from the press related to how Graham obtained the videos, and if he would confirm or deny his attendance at many of the cockfight matches.

"There was a gamecock named "Mint Julep Dandy" in the first 83 videos. Who do you think owned that now deceased cock?" asked Trump, who threw his hands up into the air.

A confidential source within the Trump campaign has informed TNA that Graham gave Trump his phone number at one of the cockfights "to talk compensation for Dandy."


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