Obama Signs Executive Order Making Christianity Illegal

WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, President Barack Obama signed an executive order outlawing all forms of Christianity in the United States. Executive Order 60666 closes all Christian churches and seizes all Christian property, especially guns.

"Well, the most mentally deranged folks on the right wing have been saying this day is coming and now here it is," said Obama during an early morning press conference.

Obama added, "I am also dissolving the Supreme Court and Congress so I can be dictator for life. Again, you were all warned this would happen. Go ahead and use your guns to defend yourselves from my missiles and jets, you damn clowns."

Obama invited Romney to the White House in late November 2012 to gloat about beating him.

Executive Order 60666 gives America's Christians the choice of exile to Iraq or execution by lion in whatever arena is closest to them.

No Republican could be asked for comment as all political parties have been outlawed.


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