Confederate Flag Ambassadors Interrupt Black Child's Party to Share "Culture"

DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA (The Nil Admirari) - Earlier today, TNA was able to speak to Levi Bush, who drove one of seven Confederate flag flying pickup trucks onto a field where a black child's birthday party was taking place this weekend. Bush explained he and his friends crashed the birthday party in Douglasville, Georgia to "share our culture."

"There is a lot of misinformation out there about the Confederate flag, and me and my friends see ourselves as ambassadors of the flag so we can educate others. We were just driving around Douglasville when we spotted a black child's birthday party on private property," explained Bush.

A rectangular variant battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia battle flag. 
It is often referred to as the Confederate flag, as in this case. (Above)

Bush added, "So of course we just drove in and tried to show the black partygoers what the Confederate flag really stands for. Unfortunately, they were intolerant of our culture and our 'mission of peace between cultures' devolved into us screaming racial slurs at them."

"We called the police as soon as the convoy of trucks flying the Confederate flag arrived. The bastards inside them pointed guns at us, called us a popular racist term repeatedly, and only left because police escorted them out," stated an anonymous partygoer.

The child whose birthday party was interrupted stated, "I understand of the culture of the Confederate flag a lot more than I did when I woke up today."


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